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Most frequent questions and answers

When and where does the Parish Council meet?

The Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 5:30PM at the Parish Government building at 206 E. Mulberry Street, Amite with the exception of Parish holidays.

Who is my Council Member?

You can find your Council Member HERE.

Do the Council Members have offices?

The Parish Council Members do not have individual offices. These are part time positions so they work out of their homes most of the time.

How do I sign up to speak at a Council meeting?

If you would like to address the Council regarding an item on public hearing or the agenda please fill out a public input form, or you may fill one out in person prior to the meeting and turn it into the Clerk. The public input forms can be found at the table near the entrance of the Chambers. If you wish to distribute papers to the Council, please submit 13 copies to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

How long will I get to speak?

Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three minutes. The Council chairman will gavel the speaker at the conclusion of their three minutes.

When do agenda items have to be submitted?

The deadline for agenda items is the Monday, one week in advance of the scheduled Council meeting unless that Monday is a holiday in which case the deadline would be the Friday prior. All related documentation must be submitted by this time as well including any presentation materials.

What is the Council Members term of office?

The term of office for a Council Member is 4 years, and they are allowed three consecutive terms before being term limited.

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